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Fab and Install

Upgrading to cool

When it comes to replacing an old intake and/or exhaust, it is perhaps the best time to get creative. These pictures display a variety of exhaust upgrades completed at the shop. No job is to big, we are comfortable adding cut-outs to an existing system, installing a catback system or designing a complete system. As the first pic shows, the old system was ready for an upgrade. It was rusty, leaky and looked beat. In replacing the entire system, much thought was given to functionality. The driver's goal included using the car on both the street and track so opening up the system was priority. For this application, a Flowmaster system was used along with a set of hedman cutouts.

After measuring, mocking up then tacking the pipes in place, the final steps involved welding and installing the system.  The pictures tell the story best, but the sound confirmed we hit it out of the park, a classic car with the thunder down under! 


Have a vision in your head of what the finished product will look like when done. There's nothing wrong with making mods along the way, however planning will avoid mistakes. Measure as many times as needed, but not less than twice and cut once! Finally, do your homework, research or consult an expert, ask questions like "what are the pitfalls you should void or be aware before starting the job?

If you are looking to upgrade your intake or exhaust system and would like to add a little flare to your street or track car, then consider giving us a call @ 805-845-8750, or request an online quote for convenience.