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Before her facelift


The 1954 F100, America's Fav Ford Truck

 "Rebuilding Miss Daisy....just a love affair or something we do best?"....you be the judge..


Given the iconic look and history of these truck, it comes as no surprise that the F series was perhaps America's favorite utility vehicle. Part of the second generation of trucks rolling off Ford's assembly line, the 54 entering the world with it's distinct and stunning strut mounted grille design. Unlike the 53s, this year's model could be ordered with a ground-breaking Ford-o-matic transmission. Pared up with the new Power King V-8 engine, the combination of the two helped make F100s the most affordable and durable trucks around.


You don't see many traveling the highways, byways or back roads of America much. They've become 16 gauge steel, old skool, black spotted owls of our time! Shocking but true, while driving through California's Ojai Valley, a silhouette caught the corner of my eye. Sitting roadside with the sun blazing down on the old girl, looking somewhat tired and tattered, a few parts missing, but overall a 54 in pretty good shape. I immediately knew a 911 emergency call had just crossed the R&R Motorworks wire. Feeling as though she was in distress, "Hoping to be rescued, give me a second chance, don't leave me to rot on this back road," seemed to be what she was pleading. As I slowed my truck to the side, my mind began racing, "gotta find the corn-frittered owner and negotiate a fair deal with the good ol' boy." It turned out, Ojai's City Council was on the rampage with many of its constituents, "clean up your roadside relics or be fined!" I guess no one from the city had an affinity for yard art, though funny since Ojai is crawling with artists. Nonetheless, negotiations went better than expected and Miss Daisy was loaded up and delivered to our shop days later.


Over a half century of wear and tear has built up on the old bones of this Ford. Next year this old girl will be 60 and as you can see from the pictures, she is dusty, crusty and missing a few parts. Kinda reminds me of my Nonna. In spite of her obvious battle scars she didn't always look this dingy. Glacier Blue is what she left the factory wearing but through the years, she has been redressed in white and now in black. Naughty girl! Presently, she is without an engine and transmission but her vin# says she came originally equipped with a six cylinder attached to a 3 speed tranny.


So in preparation for her big day, the Team at R&R Motorworks has decided to dust off some of the grit and grime, and restore her vibrant beauty with a layer of sexiness. Sassy is the look we're shooting for, maybe drop her down on some bags, give her some attitude with a new stance. Install a beefy 5.0 V-8, 4 or 5 speed transmission, and let her breathe through 2 1/2 inch pipes. There will be no mistaken her roar, as she clears her throat and lets you know she's comin' around the mountain. Stay tuned..........you won't want to miss this!