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if outside. After vinyl has set, generally 24-48 hours, it can be washed  and waxed like paint. For answers to other questions, please contact us @ 805-845-8750 or visit the FAQ page on this site.

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Vehicle Vinyl Wrap

Before, during and after

Vehicle vinyl wrapping has been around for decades. Its popularity started in Europe after a business man discovered the benefits of the material's durability, not to mention substantial savings enjoy from covering his fleet of taxis in vinyl verses painting. Since the 1990s, advancement in technology has made this product even more resilient, allowing greater paint protection against scratches, sun fading and chipping from road debris.

The choices in colors have expanded as well. Today options are quite abundant, covering a vast spectrum of hues, textures and visual effects. Going from mild to wild is easy with all sorts of chrome, carbon fiber, brushed metallic, crocodile, honeycomb, matte or basic gloss. Personalizing a vehicle with a custom design or low-keyed accents is limited only by one's imagination. Growing in popularity is the use of solid colors as a replacement for painting an entire vehicle. It looks as good as paint but far less costly, and when combined with a laminate finish, vinyl wraps can last as long as 10 years. Unlike paint, the protective vinyl layer is removable without damaging the vehicle's surface all while acting as a barrier, preserving its former condition.

Additionally, vinyl wraps have become popular with small & medium size businesses. Many see it as a cost effective alternative to traditional advertising. Through fleet vehicle wraps, businesses can easily becomes a mobile billboard, attracting 30,000 - 70,000 view per day, and unlike a tv, its on 24/7. It's low cost high impact advertising, more dynamic and captivating by nature, especially when used in a visual society.

Despite its growing popularity, consumer information on the use, application process, and overall care remains scarce. Therefore, it's important to always ask questions. Cost varies depending on how linear or curvy the overall surface appears. Proper and thorough surface cleansing before applying vinyl is only one step to insuring outstanding results. Applying vinyl in a clean, dust-free and if possible, temperature controlled work space will produce better results than